Startup Salzburg

On 25.11.2020 the last virtual event of Start-up Salzburg for this year took place. At "From Seed To Scaleup" founders talked about their successes and the stories behind them and discussed with experts of the start-up landscape. Start-ups go through different phases in the development of new products as well as in the market conquest up to the transnational expansion. The starting point is the so-called seed phase, one already has a business idea and an idea of the consumer group, develops a business model and makes a market analysis. This phase is also called the start-up phase. After that, the company is built up, including its distribution and local market launch. Ideally - since innovative start-ups are known to be designed to scale - the start-up becomes a scale-up, showing that it is growing rapidly in the local market and thus can now seek out new markets. The Homecoming Start-ups event presented three start-ups representing these three phases, with VIABIRDS Technologies warmly invited as a representative of the seed phase. Learning from mistakes and moving on. Alexander Planitzer and Martin Macheiner told how their company was created from a yellow post-it. The Lungau-based technology company is working on a mobile eCommerce system for people who want to shop regionally conveniently and easily while driving by. Commuters shop online at the Flyby-store, their goods are then delivered to one of the Flyby stations at a convenient transport point, and from there the purchase is then picked up on the way home. This idea was born at the Creators Camp of the Biosphere Lab Lungau, according to the motto at that time: "Traffic jam as an opportunity". Already there they got some feedback for their idea - positive and negative. At the time, the plan was to deliver groceries by drone, but when they presented this idea to Asfinag, the operator of Austrian highways, everything turned out quite differently: "The appointment was a complete disaster, but the idea of e-commerce for commuters stuck with us," says founder Alexander. They took the criticism to heart, questioned their idea and developed it further. Says co-founder Martin: "It's hard work, but I look forward to every Monday because then I can hit the ground running again and work on my ideas." In the meantime, VIABIRDS operate the first online department store in Lungau together with the Tamsweg business association. And even the drone idea has not been discarded, but will probably be taken up again in a few years.

More Highlights

a guy speaking on a stage and presenting

Blueprint for grocery marketplaces

Alex is talking at the Spryker Excite about what makes an eGrocery marketplace truly unique.

the two founders giving thumbs up in an office environment

Founding story

How the idea behind VIABIRDS came to be and how it was executed

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Opening Lungau online store

The story behind the opening of the first online store in the Lungau