Great things (in business) are never done by just one person. They are done by a great team.


How we work

Driven by our vision.

We are dreamers & implementers, because we are not satisfied with the status quo and change the world with our technology. Making digital retail convenient for everyone.

Team. Solidarity. Culture.

'I support you - you support me. We are true team players. This is not just a mere phrase, but our creed.

Every one of us is an entrepreneur.

Disruption. Progress. Growth. Every one of us is seizing the opportunities and there is no challenge we shy away from. We think holistically and develop long-term business models.

Failure as a motor for speed.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison We win or learn, never lose. We work at a fast pace and test the options. The best ideas with the greatest impact win. We learn from setbacks and improve every day.

Working with experts

International team

Flexible working hours

Grow in your career


Digital Marketing Manager
Through VIABIRDS, my mindset has changed & improved by being able to implement my own strategies, constantly educate myself and because of a motivating & relaxed team atmosphere. VIABIRDS is characterised by a strong hands-on mentality & demands as well as rewards one's own work. Especially the young team in combination with experienced experts supports you at any time.
Mobile Developer
I joined VIABRIDS 2021 as a mobile developer. I like the idea of getting fresh food and what is more exciting for me is using modern technology to deliver a better user experience. It excites me to work in development: I want to improve on different areas from implementing the user interface in a mobile app to building custom devices that track the temperature of the food during the delivery process. At VIABIRDS I have the chance put my ideas into a final product. My greatest motivation to work here is the amazing team-spirit and the chance to grow day per day
Marketing & Design
I started at VIABIRDS in 2021 as an intern and now work at Viabirds parallel to my education. In addition to the concept of VIABIRDS, the team mentality among my colleagues convinced me. Thus, after the internship I decided to become a permanent part of the team. Due to the creative and technical approaches, the team offers a broad perspective on the most diverse problems & solution approaches and thus creates a very professional and pleasant working atmosphere.
PHP Lead Developer
As Lead Developer I’m glad VIABIRDS uses Spryker which provides great foundation of well-written, testable and scalable code – this can be easily adopted to our use cases and helps on ensuring team adherence to project quality standards. Furthermore I’m helping junior developers on best practices and coding principles. At VIABIRDS we’re using Scrum as agile development technique and as Scrum Master it’s great to see the development team improve over time and achieve great performance.