The Spryker Excite 2022 was one of the biggest Commerce Conferences in Germany and we are completely thrilled for winning an Excited Oskar – our project won the Customer Award for the best marketplace which is represented through a golden antilope head. More than 400 participants were attending the Spryker Excite in Berlin and thousands more joined online – a lot of inspiration, insights and predictions. Some of the guests were Michael Phelps, former US swimmer and multiple olympic champion. Dr. Camille Wardrop Alleyne, Ed.D. Rocket scientist, speaker and humanitarian. Bob Iger, Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Elizabeth Theophille, Chief Technology Transformation Officer (CTTO) and Head of NBS IT. Tom Sietas, German apnoea diver, world champion, keynote speaker and motivational trainer. On top of winning an Award, our CEO Alex was also invited to speech about eGrocery! We shared our knowledge in front of hundreds of industry experts. We talked about how Spryker helps us to build a digital blueprint for grocery marketplaces: We decided to build up our eGrocery platform on Spryker. We would say we all know that Spryker is a very powerful framework which basically allows nearly everything to be build. On the other hand, the team working with Spryker needs to have certain seniority – one tutorial on Youtube on how to develop in PHP will be too less. But for us it’s not the fact that we can “build everything”. Lets talk about a little story by Paul Rulkens: When Albert Einstein was teaching at Oxford one day, he gave an exam to the senior class of physics students. He was walking on the campus and all of a sudden Einstein’s assistant said: “Dr. Einstein this exam you just gave to the senior class, isn’t it the exact same exam you gave last year to the exact same class”. Einstein said: “Yes, yes exactly the same.” “But Dr. Einstein how could you do that?” the assistant asked. “Well ...” Einstein said. “The answers have changed”. The answers have changed! What the hell does this mean for us? We see so many similarities between us. Since the beginning of eCommerce, we all want to increase the conversion rate, to increase the customer engagement and so on and so on. But the way we achieve the exact goals again and again is constantly changing. So, it is the ability to quickly adapt our technology what matters the most to us, especially in the fast-growing sector of eGrocery. We are a Startup that means things we have decided yesterday are no longer valid today. Even when you are not a Startup Digital Business and especially eGrocery is so constantly changing that for us the highest value of the Spryker Framework is the fast adaptability. Like Einstein said the questions might be the same but the answers may have changed. And how fast you can change the answers is key.

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