Alex spoke at the Salz21

From May 11 to 12, 2022, salz21 connected local businesses, startups and investors with internationally leading companies and bundles the synergies of already existing, leading initiatives that deal with future issues of our economic region – salz21 is Salzburg’s first innovation festival! On those two days, startups from different fields, presented solutions for burning issues like Artificial Intelligence, New Mobility and Life Science. In addition to the presentations there were numerous events, lectures and workshops about topics in tourism, culture, robotics, business innovation and networking. With program points that promoted the innovative potential of executives as well as employees of small and medium-sized enterprises, the event focused on the development of human capital in companies. Those startups were selected by experts like Startup Salzburg, Upper Austria tech2b incubator, Austrian Angel Investors Association and Travel Industry Club. Among the selected startups were VIABIRDS! Our CEO Alex spoke about E-Commerce: 15-20 years ago, we would have said eCommerce means to create a website and give users the possibility to buy products on the website. And next. We transfer the product to the customer. In most cases this means we physically ship the products to the costumer’s home. So far so good. And today. Let’s see it from a bird’s point of view: Very simplified we put the hypotheses into the room that since the beginning of eCommerce the core elements are still the same. We must think of how we can get a user to buy stuff on a digital medium and then we must figure out how to get the product to the customer. One essential difference between now and 15 years ago is that today a lot of products are digital as well, that means that the “transfer” to the user is way easier. Let’s just quickly think of the music industry. OF COURSE eCommerce has changed in the last 15 years tremendously, in terms of technology, in terms of marketing and in terms of logistics, but it’s very core elements I would say it’s still the same. So, when we talk about eCommerce, we personally would simplify it down to these two questions: How do we get customers to buy digital products? How the hell do we get the product to the customer?

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