Provider network

A network of suppliers Through the start-up project, more than 30 different, regional producers & makers have been brought together in Salzburg, creating an assortment full of local and natural products. Behind this project is VIABIRDS Technologies, a Lungau-based technology company that built a digital platform for manufactures, dairies, coffee roasters, beekeepers & co in 2021. This digital food trade works through a pick-up concept, by means of which the customer orders his goods on the website and then collects them ready-packed at a desired time at a specific pick-up station, the so-called flyby stations, directly with him in the vicinity. An innovative logistics system allows the ordered products to be collected on the same day, thus guaranteeing the freshest quality with every purchase. However, it is the close cooperation and fast exchange between and its local producers & growers that makes all this possible. As a result, sudden crop failures or other shortages can be passed on without further ado and thus easily removed from the digital assortment in real time. But it's not just logistics and transport that we work side by side on, but also marketing. Comprehensive media packages have been created for each of our 30+ production sites, each containing pictures, videos and interviews with the plant managers & operations managers, and have been published 1. Bäckerei Pföß 2. Borat 3. Lenzenbauer 4. Dandlhof 5. Hanusch Schnapsbrennerei, Kaffeeimport und -rösterei 6. Flachgauer Biopilze 7. Fuchserei Buchbichlgut 8. Handkäserei Georg Wimmer 9. Mattigtaler Käse 10. Oberdraxlgut 11. Stadtimkerei Greimel 12. Bio Dinkelprodukte Bamberger 13. Wiestengut Wals 14. Augustiner Bräu 15. Die Weisse 16. The Green Garden – Origin of Life 17. Josef & Yuki 18. Thurnhofer Feinbäckerei 19. Fischerei Stefan Huber 20. Nani Alpine Haircare 21. P.O.S.C.A. Romana 22. Sporer Likör- und Punschmanufaktur 23. Heumilchkäserei Elixhausen 24. Salzburger Kräuterhof 25. Röstmanufaktur Kaffeerösterei 26. Gesund Naschen 27. Lerchenmühle

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