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What are flyby stations? The pick-up system is based on these so-called stations. On the one hand, fresh, ordered products from our regional producers are delivered there, and on the other hand, goods with a longer shelf life as well as dairy products and refrigerated goods are stored. But how do you receive your order? In addition to the freshly delivered, stored and refrigerated items, there is also a employee there every day, who on the one hand is responsible for the refrigeration, storage and maintenance of the station and the goods, and on the other hand checks every incoming order by hand, packs it up and then hands it over. Where are the flyby stations? The pick-up points have been positioned directly at Salzburg's main entrance roads, this way you can easily pick up your items without getting caught in city traffic. These are in Anif, in Bergheim as well as in Wals-Himmelreich. What do the flyby stations look like? They are each three trailer containers that have been converted into a semi-mobile warehouse by means of special foliation, an accessible power source and sufficient parking space. How do people get to their purchases? Unlike conventional pick-up systems such as myflexbox or in supermarkets and retail stores, the delivery of the ordered goods takes place simply and inconveniently at the stations. The goods are already packed and handed over personally by an employee, so there is neither a long search for the desired products nor a complicated pick-up and handover system at the stations.

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