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Regional products on the fly - innovation by a Salzburg startup Salzburg, October 6, 2021. Regional products on the fly - that was the idea of the two founders of, Alexander Planitzer and Martin Macheiner. Food and products from producers in the region are purchased online and picked up at the flyby station at a time of one's choosing. flyby instead of drive-in, for the consumers who wants to save time and value fresh regional products. To the advantage of producers who enjoy a new direct sales opportunity for their products. There will be flyby stations at several locations in and around the state capital Salzburg. They are located on busy commuter routes, easy to reach without wasting time! The first flyby station is located in front of the Raika in Wals Himmelreich, opposite the airport. The second will open its doors in Bergheim, at the parking lot in front of the Eiswerk. A third station is planned in the south of the capital, an exact location is yet to be determined. How does it work? Consumers order and pay for their goods in the clearly laid out online store, where they can easily find out about the origin of the products. really puts the regional quality producers in the spotlight. A video was created of each producer to present their business, their philosophy and their products. Producers have a new market for their products and can deliver them directly to the flyby station. The consumers only need to pick up their ordered goods at a selected time at the flyby station, fresh and cooled! The purchase is conveniently handed over by one of the flyby Station employees. Consumers determine the pick-up time and are not dependent on delivery services. CEO Alexander Planitzer: "With, we want to make it much easier for consumers to shop for high-quality regional products and thus save time. We will continue to develop our quality offer together with our customers. We are a "Schranne to go". Advantages for producers and consumers Time savings and guaranteed freshness for consumers meet a regional and fair market for regional producers. CTO Martin Macheiner: "We are developing a digital direct marketing platform for our regional suppliers. All our providers decide for themselves to which flyby station they can deliver at which times. There are no fixed costs for suppliers, our business model is revenue sharing. So far, we are working with 16 regional suppliers. We visit each one on site, take photos of the farm and produce a video to show our customers who our providers are! We are happy to add more, any regional provider can join."

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